I.- We are a sports and social benchmark

Our club is one of the sports entities that has reported the most success to Spanish sports in its more than 30 years of history. His record leaves no room for doubt and he has all the titles that can be won today, not in vain, Inter Movistar is consecutive four-time World Champion, a unique fact in sport. Recognized worldwide as the best futsal team, inter movistar has focused its efforts on becoming a social, sporting and educational benchmark for Spanish boys and girls.

II.- We spread the values ​​of life and sport

inter movistar is the undisputed protagonist of sports information and its consolidated presence in the media is a guarantee of success and profitability for its sponsors. inter movistar represents the values ​​of a society that demands an active participation of elite sports in grassroots training, therefore, after winning everything on the pitches, our club is at the forefront of innovation in marketing and consolidation of the brand in the national and international sports concert.

III.- Advantages of investing in sports sponsorship:

Sports sponsorship allows you to communicate and create relationships with the target audience in a closer and more personal way. The target audience is more receptive to sponsorship, helping to improve the memory of the values ​​associated with it. It is a way of differentiating yourself from the competition that provides greater prestige, credibility and leadership in your sector. Sponsoring sport makes it possible to reinforce corporate awareness and share the values ​​associated with it.
Futsal is a growing sport and one of the most practiced by society.